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I’m a professional blogger who enjoys learning new things and based on my experience in automotive, I want to share my opinion as well as experience about automotive so that everyone can get the right advice.

On Motoroilexpert.com our job is to provide free resource and guide for car owners and those who have a hard time when it comes to choosing the right motor oil for their needs. On this blog we provide well-researched information about motor oil/engine oil. So please stay tuned with us and increase your knowledge!

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Whether you’re just planning on starting your car journey, just owning a car, or are a seasoned veteran, there’s always something new to learn about your vehicle. With that said, we are experts when it comes to motor oils, so you’ll have a better understanding of the various types of oils on the market and how to properly change your oil without the need for a pro to get the job done. We just want you to know that we’ve got you covered.

It’s safe to say that we are a group of experts who have been in the automotive industry for over 10 years now. Our team consists of mechanics and engineers.

Meet The Team

Motor Oil Expert is managed by a team of writers who are passionate about cars and is specialized in car servicing. The team has been working in the industry for more than 5 years now and is extremely passionate about their work.

Stephen Porter

Stephen Porter is the lead writer of this blog, he has been in the mechanical field for more than 10 years now. He is extremely passionate about cars and enjoys writing about them. His writing skills are top-notch, making him an amazing writer on our blog and a superb editor.

In terms of writing, he has been writing for the automotive blog for the last three years and has produced over 500 articles in total. There is no doubt that his articles are always well-researched and informative, making him a favorite among car enthusiasts worldwide. Stephen is also a certified mechanic with over 10 years of experience in the industry.

The reason why Stephen is so good at what he does is that he is always on the lookout for interesting car-related topics so that he can keep his readers informed about the latest developments in this field.

Dennis Brown

Dennis Brown plays another important role when it comes to helping to make sure this blog is a haven for those who are interested in motor oil topics. He has been in the automotive industry for over 13 years and has owned several car auto repair shops across multiple states.

Dennis is very well known to have a long history of mechanics by trade but is also an excellent writer. He’s been writing for over 13 years now and has written over 300 articles, especially on topics that have to do with engine oils. There is no doubt that he enjoys spending his time doing what he loves.