Best TTR230 Oil Drain Plugs – Buyer’s Guide

It is safe to say that the Yamaha TTR230 is an easy to maintain dirt bike. All it requires is changing the oil every 10-20 hours, cleaning the air filter, and having its chain properly adjusted. With such a straightforward schedule for upkeep, keeping this bike will give you years of reliable performance.

However, with that said said, you’ll also need to take the oil drain plug into consideration since you might be riding hard and it get hit and end up needing to be replaced. This is why we have listed some of the best TTR230 oil drain plug you can find on the market.

What is an Oil Drain Plug?

An oil drain plug is a screw plug that sits inside the engine oil pan. It helps drain waste oil from the engine after changing its oil.

Oil drain plugs collect metal shavings from the oil to prevent corrosion in the engine and safeguard it against leaks. The best oil drain plugs are made of aluminum with a powerful magnet to capture any unwanted metallic pollutants that might accumulate within engine oil.

Best TTR230 Oil Drain Plugs

1. NICECNC Blue Oil Drain Plug

Best TTR230 Oil Drain Plugs
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The NICECNC Blue Oil Drain Plug is a top-of-the-line drain plug made of aluminum with an anodized surface finish. Weighing just 40 grams, it features an effective magnet to pick up debris in engine oil.

The NICECNC Blue Oil Drain Plug will stop your engine from leaking oil. It also comes with a cap cover to keep it clean and prevent corrosion.

You can find the NICECNC Blue Oil Drain Plug on the market for a very reasonable price range which is great for those who don’t want to spend much.

2. DANFENG Blue Oil Drain Plug Cap Cover

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Oil is essential for most bikes, and that’s where the DANFENG Blue Oil Drain Plug comes into play. Not only will this save you money on service calls, but it also ensures your bike runs better for longer.

This high-end drain plug is made from T6061 aluminum and is considered to weigh only 40 grams. This drain plug is said to be equipped with a strong magnet in order to collect metal shavings.

3. JFG RACING CNC ATV Oil Drain Plug

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The JFG RACING CNC ATV Oil Drain Plug is made of premium Aluminum and equipped with a powerful magnet to prevent any form of corrosion from happening. At only 40 grams, this lightweight plug is built to last.

Not only that but its CNC craftsmanship guarantees its superior quality. Perfect for TTR230 owners seeking an effortless way to stop engine oil leakage from their ATV. This high-quality JFG RACING CNC ATV Oil Drain Plug is an ideal choice.

Installing an Oil Pan Drain Plug

The most straightforward way to install an oil drain plug is by hand-tightening it directly into damaged threads in an aluminum oil pan. Be careful while doing this as these plugs can be quite tight, and any mishandling could result in marring or breaking of the surface.

Before installing the drain plug, it’s wise to lubricate the oil pan with some oil so it runs as smoothly and free of cracks as possible. You can do this either with mineral oil or silicone spray (I’ve found both to work great on bikes).

The ideal oil drain plug tend to has a magnet to collect metal shavings from your engine oil, extending its life and preventing it from rusting out. This is especially critical if you ride with high compression ratio or use highly aggressive motorcycle engine oils.

How to Prevent Engine Oil Leaks From the Yamaha TTR230

A leaking oil drain plug can lead to several issues with your engine. It’s a common place for oil to escape, so ensure it’s fixed correctly and there are no reasons why it should be leaking. Check for crush washers, gaskets or other parts that may not be sealing correctly.

Many times, the issue lies in a broken or rusted out drain plug. If this is the case, then it’s time to replace it.


One thing for sure is that having a good quality oil drain plug can help to protect your engine by simply collecting metal shaving inside the engine. This plug will also prevent any form of leaks from happening so that your engine can be in the best shape possible.