Can Hydraulic Oil Be Used as Engine Oil? Learn The Truth!

There is no doubt about it that engine oil plays a very important role when it comes to the operation of a vehicle. What it does is helps to cool and lubricate the moving parts inside the engine. In order for this to occur, you have to make sure the engine oil is regularly changed. But, can hydraulic oil be used as engine oil?

First, let’s start by figuring out what exactly is hydraulic oil. Well, it is pretty much safe to say that hydraulic oil is a mineral-based lubricant that plays a role in keeping the hydraulic system cool and functioning as it should. Not only that but it is designed to withstand high pressures and temperatures and it’s also known to be equipped with anti-wear properties.

Is Hydraulic the Same as Engine Oil?

The short answer is no, it’s not the same as engine oil. However, it is best to keep in mind that hydraulic oil is a non-flammable fluid that is usually used in a hydraulic system, while on the other hand, engine oil is a lubricant that is used to protect and clean the internal parts of the engine. Even though both oils are said to have a similar function, they are not considered to be interchangeable.

What Happens If You Mix Hydraulic Oil With Engine Oil?

Can Hydraulic Oil Be Used as Engine Oil

If it is a case where you decide to mix hydraulic oil with engine oil, the result will not be as good as you think because either the hydraulic oil or engine oil will be pure enough.

The reason for this is that the mixture will reduce the viscosity of the oil and it will not be able to lubricate the moving parts. Not only that, but the mixture will likely result in deposits and sludge formation, which can lead to clogged filters and even damage the engine.

Can Hydraulic Oil Replace Engine Oil?

No, we don’t think it would be a good idea to use hydraulic oil as engine oil. The main reason for this is that hydraulic oil and engine oil is known to be two different types of lubricant with different chemical compositions and purposes. A lot of people actually think that they are similar but both oils are not interchangeable.

Another thing to know is that hydraulic oil is made of different base oils and additives when compared to engine oils, which is why it is unable to provide the same benefits to your engine as if you were to use engine oil. Let’s not forget that using hydraulic oil in your engine can cause damage to seals and other engine components.

What Happens If You Put Hydraulic Oil in a Diesel Tank?

If somehow you have decided to put hydraulic oil in a diesel tank, the oil will not be effective enough to lubricate the engine properly, and it may even cause problems to the engine. The thing is that hydraulic oil is not compatible with diesel fuel, so you can expect it to float to the top of the fuel. This can result in loss of power and can even damage the injectors.

Why Doesn’t Hydraulic Oil Works Effectively For Engines?

The main reason for this is that hydraulic oil isn’t designed to work the same way as engine oils due to the fact that it doesn’t have the correct properties to protect and lubricate the components of the engine. It also has a higher chance of igniting and causing engine damage.

It’s safe to say that hydraulic oil is designed to be used in a hydraulic system and this is where it will provide the best protection against wear and tear. And engine oil on the other hand is designed in a unique way allowing it to protect and lubricate the engine components from the high temperatures and pressures that can be found in the engine.


As you can see, it is not a good idea to use hydraulic oil as an engine oil due to the different properties both oils offer. So, if it’s a case where you are looking for the best oil to use in your engine, it would be best to use engine oil since it is designed for that specific purpose and you will get the best performance as well as protection for your engine.