Can You Cook With Motor Oil? Surprising Truth!

Motor oil is highly toxic to the human body, so it should never be consumed when cooking.

First and foremost, it tastes awful.

Additionally, motor lubricants contain many hazardous additives which, while useful as motor lubricants, should never be consumed – even a small amount can make you sick quickly.

Can You Cook With Motor Oil?

The short answer is no, you should never cook with motor oil. Motor oil is widely know to contain toxic chemicals that is harmful to the human body. So cooking with motor oil should be avoided at all cost.

Why Can’t You Cook With Motor Oil?

Motor oil is an oil-based product used to lubricate engines and machines. Unfortunately, it contains additives which are unfit for human consumption – even a small amount can cause harm to your organs.

Motor oil should never be used as cooking oil no matter the circumstances. Instead, opt for something like olive, canola or avocado oil which won’t contain any of the toxins found in engine oils and will give your dish maximum flavor.

This is the very reason why many automotive technicians wear surgical gloves when handling engine oils; although this may seem strange at first glance, it is actually an essential safety measure when working with such hazardous substances.

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What Will Happen If Someone Cooks With Motor Oil?

Can You Cook With Motor Oil

The thing is that motor oil is known to contains numerous additives which is said to be hazardous for human health.

These chemicals are dangerous and can lead to severe organ damage or even death if consume in large amount. That is why you should never cook with motor oil.

Additionally, motor oil is more costly to purchase than food grade mineral oil for cooking purposes. A single liter of motor oil costs much more than one liter of mineral oil that is made specifically for this purpose.

Can You Drink Motor Oil?

No, we don’t think it is actually safe to drink motor oil. The reason for this is because motor oil is both an essential fluid for your car and a dangerous substance that should never be consumed. Drinking it could lead to coughing, choking, and vomiting as well as other unpleasant symptoms.

Motor oil belongs to a class of compounds called hydrocarbons, composed of hydrogen and carbon atoms. While these substances feel oily when touched, they can quickly enter your respiratory system due to their tendency to clog it.

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Can You Use Motor Oil On Your Skin?

No, we don’t think it would be a good idea to use motor oil on your skin as it is extremely dangerous. If done, you may experience irritation, dryness or may have an allergic reaction.

It is best to keep in mind that motor oil is harmful to both the skin and human body. The thing is that motor oil is known to contain petroleum and poisonous chemicals that doesn’t suit the skin.

Is Motor Oil Toxic?

Motor oil contains additives which work as lubricants in the engine but which are unpalatable to humans. Due to their high toxicity level, you should never even consider eating or cooking with it.

It is safe to say that the toxicity of motor oil is enough to destroy the immunity of the human body. By now you should very well understand how toxic motor oil is for your health.

If it’s a case where you want to fry something, you should opt for vegetable-based oils like rice bran, soybean, olive or mustard oil. All these are edible and safe for human consumption.

All About Motor Oil

Motor oil is considered to be a petroleum-based substance designed to lubricate engine parts, reduce friction, clean, cool and protect the engine. It also contains additives like consistency improvers, antiwear additives, dispersants and detergents for additional benefit.

Unfortunately, these chemicals are not safe for human consumption. Therefore, you should never cook with or consume motor oil.

Avoid drinking or consuming it, as it can do severe harm to your organs and possibly lead to death!


As you can see, motor oil contains numerous additives that serve as motor lubricants, but are highly toxic to humans. If it’s a case where you consume even a single drop, you’ll become severely ill quickly. This is why you should avoid consuming motor oil at all cost just to be on the safe side.