Delo vs Rotella vs Delvac – Which Engine Oil is the Best?

It’s safe to say that finding the right oil for your diesel engine can be a bit challenging since you have so many brands on the market to choose from; Delo, Rotella, and Delvac.

These oil brands are considered to be three of the top choices among diesel vehicle owners. The battle of Delo vs Rotella vs Delvac has been going on for quite some time now since they are currently dominating the market.

There is no doubt that diesel engines require proper maintenance, lubrication, cleaning, and protection of their components. In order to make this successful, you will need to have high-quality motor oil coming from at least one of these brands.

Delo vs Rotella vs Delvac

Delo Vs Rotella Vs Delvac

Here is a brief comparison between all three oil brands.

What is Delo Oil?

Let’s start by saying that Delo is a series of mono and multi-grade Chevron product for mixed fleet motor oils. It is the best option for older four-stroke diesel engines, but it also is used for gasoline engines as it is known to meet the API requirements CF-4/CI-4/SJ. This oil is designed in such a unique way allowing vehicle owners to use it for older engines and increase their lifespan.

Not only that, but you can also use this oil for both low and high sulfur. Not only is Delo known for heavy-duty diesel and marine engines but also gear oil and coolant.

What is Rotella Oil?

Rotella oil is widely known for creating a variety of heavy-duty diesel engine lubrication products of Shell. The ranges of products include mineral, and synthetic oil types as well as various viscosity. The oils categories include C and S which are named by American Petroleum Institute (API).

What is Delvac Oil?

Delvac is considered to be a range of diesel motor oils of the Mobil brand. The main aim of these oils is to improve engine health so that you can run the vehicle without worrying about anything bad happening.

The oil is said to meet the original equipment manufacturer (OEM). These tend to play a role in delivering the best performance in both on and off-highway applications. Apart from multigrade diesel engine oils, Delvac also has a product to help with transmission and greasing solutions.

What Are The Differences Between Delo vs Rotella vs Delvac Oils?

These oils are unique in their own way since they are known to have different viscosity, performance as well as protection.


Let’s start by saying that Delo oil viscosity does a wonderful job in cold weather and operation. However, it is best to keep in mind that Rotella actually comes equipped with a high amount of viscosity for diesel engines. It is very effective in protecting the engine against wear and tear as well as rust.

It has a range of viscosity such as 5W-40, 10W-40, and 15W-40 which helps it to work against different temperatures. This is why it is important to choose the right grade. Another thing is that Delvac oil viscosity works wonders in low-temperature engines.

Types of Oils

Delo is considered to be a high-performance marine-type engine oil. Not only that but it is also said to be a medium-alkaline diesel engine oil. With that said, Rotella T5 and T6 are synthetic oil that is a combination of blends, while Rotella T4 is known to be the conventional type of diesel engine oil.

On the other hand, Delvac oil is a high-performance synthetic oil that is capable of providing superb lubricant even though it is said to have mineral grade also.

Mobil Delvac 15W-40 vs Rotella 15W-40

We are huge fans of the Mobil Delvac 15W-40 due to the fact that it is a high-performance diesel motor oil that will ensure that your engine gets the right amount of lubricant. It also has a high viscosity and an amazing additive system to provide the best performance ever.

Rotella 15W-40 does a great job in providing the preferred deposit control. This plays a role in keeping the engine clean for optimum performance and also extends the engine lifespan. Apart from that, the Rotella 15W-40 tend to have the ability to protect the engine from wear, corrosion and rust.

We strongly believe that the Rotella 15W-40 is much better than the Mobil Delvac 15W-40 and this is due to its ingredients and superior performance.


One thing for sure is that Delo, Rotella, and Delvac are the perfect fit for diesel engines. As a vehicle owner, you should know the importance of choosing the right motor oil for your vehicle. These oils tend to do a great job when it comes to weather conditions, engines lifespan, engine protection, and more.

We truly hope you find this article helpful!