Diesel Engine Oil Vs Gasoline Engine Oil – Are They Same??

Once you’ve purchased a new car there are several confusion that is likely to take place such as choosing between diesel engine oil or gasoline engine oil. The reason for this is that both oils are very popular and are known to be used by a wide range of car owners.

Even though both oils are popular on the market and known to be used in cars, there are some differences that you’ll need to know about. For instance, you will need to know about viscosity, replacement intervals, additive levels, and emissions differences. Knowing these differences will allow you to have a better chance of choosing the right oil for your vehicle.

Diesel Engine Oil Vs Gasoline Engine Oil

Let’s start by saying that diesel oil and gasoline oil is known to have similar operations. Both oils tend to play a role in turning the fuel into mechanical energy which will allow the vehicle to move forward. Even though you will find that these operate similarly, these engine oils are said to have a few core differences. When it comes to choosing the right oil for your car, you will definitely make the right choice after reading the differences.

What’s the Difference Between Diesel Engine Oil and Gasoline Engine Oil?

Diesel Engine Oil Vs Gasoline Engine Oil

It’s safe to say that all engines do a superb job at converting energy from chemical reactions into power for your vehicle, but there is no doubt that gas and diesel engines do this in a different way.

1. The Viscosity

The first thing that comes to your mind when you think about oils for your vehicle is viscosity. Viscosity is widely known to be one of the most effective lubricant elements in oil. The higher the viscosity, the better the performance will be regarding the oil.

The thing is that diesel oils are considered to have a higher viscosity and lower temperature benefits. However, gasoline engine oil offers a lower viscosity when compared to diesel engine oil. Unlike lower temperatures, gas produces heat, wear, tear, and also other problems.

2. The Additive Levels

Same to viscosity, the additive is also considered to be essential when it comes to engine oil. Different engine oils tend to have different levels per volume as well as different components.

If you were to compare both diesel oils and gasoline oils in terms of additives, diesel oil will be the winner since it has more additives than gasoline engine oil. As you can see, diesel engine oil has the ability to take more pressure than gasoline because of its additives.

3. The Replacement Intervals

When it comes to the oil industry, every oil tends to have a different lifespan. However, it is safe to say that diesel engine oils are considered to have more additives which enabled the oil to last much longer when compared to gasoline oil. What this does is ensure that you don’t have to change the diesel oil frequently when you use it in your vehicle.

4. The Catalytic Converter & Emissions

If you are unsure what a catalytic converter is then it is a component in the exhaust system positioned between the muffler and the engine. This component aims to transform the engine’s harmful emissions.

When it comes to converter catalytic, There is no doubt that your vehicle engined get a better performance from diesel engine oil. Diesel engine oil is known to have a higher anti-wear level, which causes it to provide a better transformation of harmful things.

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Is It Safe to Use Diesel Oil in My Gasoline Engine?

American Petroleum Institute releases two new categories including C and S.C for diesel oil and S for gasoline engine oil. Most experts think it is not safe to mix diesel oil and gasoline oil because it could actually damage the engine.

But, at any point, you see your gasoline or diesel oil available with these categories C and S, it is pretty much safe for you to mix these two oils without anything bad.

With that said, you should only mix your oil if it comes with these two categories. If it’s a case where anyone is missing, you have to avoid or use diesel oil safely in your gasoline engine oil.

15W40 Diesel Oil in Petrol Engine

15W40 diesel oil is designed to work with cars and lightweight commercial vehicles. You can also use this oil system for LPG or dual-fuel engines without experiencing any issues.

This diesel engine tends to do a superb job of protecting the petrol engine from wear and tear. It also plays a role in increasing the lifespan as well as providing a high-end performance.


As you can see, both diesel engine oil and gasoline engine oil are popular among vehicle owners. You even have the opportunity to mix them when the oils come under S and C categories. However, it is best to keep in mind that diesel oils have more viscosity and additives than gasoline engine oil. So, there is no doubt that you will get more benefits from using diesel oils.