Does Carmax Change Oil Before Selling Car? Shocking Truth!

CarMax is known to be a used car dealer that charges non-negotiable prices for their vehicles. Therefore, you may want to know whether or not they change the oil before selling the car.

It is safe to say that, CarMax does provide this basic service before selling a vehicle, and most dealerships who fail to provide it often suffer in public perception.

Does Carmax Change Oil Before Selling Car?

The short answer is yes, Carmax does change the vehicle’s oil before actually selling it, as this is said to be one of their basic protocols. Apart from that, they even allows oil change by appointment as well. Their Service Centers and RepairPal certified shops are in charge of this.

If it’s a case where you’ve check your vehicle oil and it hasn’t been changed, then you can simply file a complaint and receive a free solution.

What Services Does Carmex Provide?

Does Carmax Change Oil Before Selling Car

It is safe to say that Carmax provides a wide variety of services which include:

  • They give the car a close examination
  • Painting and detailing as is necessary
  • Their expert QC team examines the car’s standards
  • They provide oil change, tire and seat as per the situation
  • They do several trial tests and safety checks
  • All cars have been properly examined by professionals

What Kind of Maintenance Does Carmax Do?

Carmax’s most basic service is an oil change. This ensures that the engine remains free from dirt, debris and corrosive particles which could lead to overheating if left unchecked.

On average, motorists should consider changing their oil every five to six months. Those who frequently tow large loads or travel in stop-and-go traffic may require changing it more often.

When selecting the correct oil for your car, consult its owner’s manual. The manufacturer’s recommendations specific to your model and engine size will give you a good indication of what kind of oil is necessary.

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Selling Your Car to CarMax

CarMax provides an expeditious and straightforward method when it comes to selling your vehicle. The process starts with either an appraisal online or at a dealership where experts assess your car’s condition, mileage history, make, model and more – they may even conduct a test drive to make sure everything works as expected.

To receive an appraisal for your car, the appraiser will need the 17-digit VIN number, registration details and your home zip code.

On average, the appraisal process takes 30-45 minutes depending on when and what day of the week you visit.

After accepting their final offer, the company will present you with a final decision. You have the final say as to whether to accept it or reject it.

This process is free and doesn’t involve any hassle or haggling. In fact, it can be completed in under an hour.

Unfortunately, the “no haggle” policy has one drawback: you cannot raise the price you receive for your car. This makes it difficult to negotiate a fair deal if you don’t like what you receive.

Before taking your car to a CarMax dealership, double check that everything is in working order. Even minor issues can have a significant effect on its value; for instance, if the engine is making strange noises, that might indicate you should get the oil changed before selling it.

Things You Need to Know About Oil Change

As you can see, when purchasing a vehicle from Carmax, they often do an oil change before selling it. As this is one of the most basic requirements, they actually take care of this for you.

CarMax sells a variety of oils for vehicles, each tailored to the state of the engine, mileage and transparency. If your vehicle has high mileage, CarMax recommends using an oil with higher mileage because this provides extra lubrication while preventing overheating.

However, you should also be aware that some used car dealers do not change the oil prior to selling a vehicle. This is because they avoid performing maintenance which would void a manufacturer’s warranty.


It is best to keep in mind that Carmax does perform oil change on top of a full vehicle service for any car that’s over 15 hour period prior to selling it. And if somehow your vehicle haven’t received a oil changed or has any form of issues, you can make a complaint and have it resolved free if charged.