How Does Synthetic Motor Oil Increase Fuel Economy? Learn More!

One of the main priorities over the years for most automakers is to increase fuel economy and there is no doubt that synthetic oil is the most essential tool that they used to build vehicles as it helps to deliver the power that we are always excited about without actually taking too much gas.

What Makes Synthetic Oil?

Synthetic oil is widely known to have all properties of mineral oil but is created in such a unique way allowing it to reach the next level in terms of viscosity, flow, efficiency, performance as well as mileage. It pretty much does the same job as a blend or mineral oil but in a better way which is what everyone wants.

Although you will find that conventional oil provides the right amount of lubrication, it still doesn’t have the ability to compete with synthetic oil’s overall performance and engine protection. Synthetic oils are created with base oils which are said to be of a higher quality than conventional, less refined base oils.

How Does Synthetic Motor Oil Increase Fuel Economy?

How Does Synthetic Motor Oil Increase Fuel Economy

It is said that lower-viscosity oils have a better advantage in terms of pumping through the engine and offer reduced resistance to moving parts which is known to increase fuel economy. However, it is safe to say that synthetic oil does allow lower viscosity without actually compromising wear protection and better cold flow, both of which do a wonderful job at improving fuel economy.

Why is Full Synthetic Motor Oil Better Than Conventional/Synthetic Blend

The main reason why it is better is that synthetic oil is created using complex processes. Because the process is used to make synthetic oil, it provides companies with the opportunity to remove impurities that can be found in crude oils. At this point what they would do is tailor the oil molecules which enables it to meet the specific demands of modern engines.

This customization is what gives synthetic oil a superior level of protection and engine performance which you cannot find in conventional oils.

With synthetic oils you will get the following advantages:

  • Cleaner engine. You will definitely get the benefit of a cleaner engine. One thing you’ll find is that as the motor oil begins to flow throughout the engine, deposits begin to form. Upon using Conventional oil, it tends to form sludge from these deposits, which reduces your engine’s efficiency as well as lifespan. Full synthetic oils on the other hand are known to contain lesser impurities and eliminate sludge and deposit formation.
  • Better viscosity. Synthetic oil is considered to offer better viscosity at both low and high temperatures when compared to conventional oil or synthetic blends. Full synthetic oils are designed in such a unique way allowing them to flow quickly in cold temperatures and resist extreme heat, which will eventually cause your vehicle to run much smoother.


Why pay for more gas daily when you can switch to synthetic oil? So, if it’s a case where you are using conventional or synthetic blend oils then you may want to switch to full synthetic motor oil. However, before doing so it is best to check with your mechanic just to see if the oil is the right choice for your engine.