Mobil vs Shell Engine Oil – Which is Better to Use??

You will find that most vehicle owners are looking to work with the top manufacturers that produces the best oil for their engines. There are a wide range of engine oils on the market for the money. But in this guide, we are going to talk about Mobil and Shell engine oil.

It’s safe to say that both shell and mobil engine oil tend to do a wonderful job when it comes to diesel and gasoline engines. But, before choosing between both oils, there are a variety of factors that you’ll need to keep in mind. As you can see, both engine oils is known to do wonders, but at this point, it may be a case where you are wonder which is better, Mobil or Shell?

In this article, we are going to explain everything you need to know about Mobil and Shell so that you can have a easier time in choosing between both engine oils.

Mobil Engine Oil

Mobil is known to be on the market for over 125 years and is known to be located in North America. The brand was formerly owned and operated by an oil and gas corporation that is said to have the same name, which itself merged with Exxon to form ExxonMobil in 1999.

Up to this day, the company’s sales volume has peaked in America ranks and it has gain it spot in the top five ranking world wide. This brand is known to have a wide variety of lubricant products including greased, oil filters, motor oils and transmission fluids. The company itself has been supplying a wide range of products to many different parts of the world.

When it comes to choosing the best oil for your needs, all you have to do is look at the viscosity grade and choose the oil that is right for your vehicle. The brand tend to have a advanced technology which works well for modern engines and it unique features help the engine to run smoothly without experiencing any issues. Another we find to be interesting is that you can get the Mobil at a very reason price.

Let’s not forget that the prices are cash base on the type of oils you need and sizes. But, you can get these oils starting at $7.99 to $55.99.

Mobil vs Shell Engine Oil

Shell Engine Oil

Shell is a very reputable brand and is considered to be the largest manufacturers of cars and is a joint production of two countries – the UK and Netherlands.

There is no doubt that the brand produces high-quality engine oils, which has done a superb job at reducing engine maintenance cost. Shell is known to be a energy company that have been formed in 1907 and is currently operating in over 70 countries.

This amazing lubricant is great at lubricating and cooling the engine parts. You can also expect this motor oil to perform well in both high and low temperatures and even extreme weather conditions.

With this engine oil you don’t have to worry about contaminants and it will help to increase the engine life. They are considered to be a great alternative for petrol and diesel vehicles.

Shell is by far one of the best motor oil brands on the market today. In terms of prices, these oils are very affordable starting at $6.99 to $40.99.

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Chemical Properties of Shell and Mobil Engine Oil

First you will have to inspect the engine oil chemical composition, then pay close attention to the alkaline number. In order to make the product a success their amount is needed and is known to be expressed in milligrams per kilogram of oil.

When it comes to Mobil and their number of calcium ions, its level is around 2,000 mg/kg. Shell on the other hand is considered to be reasonable and does not exceed 1355 mg/kg.

With that said, shell is said to contain two times more barium, with their capacity been at 15 mg/kg. However, Mobil oil alkaline numbers are much more higher compare to its competitors.

Mobil – 9.5 mg/kg

Shell – 5.4 mg/kg

As you can see, the Mobil is leading Shell in regards to the main additive component numbers. This company is widely known to provide products with molybdenum, which plays a role in improving the motor lubricant’s performance.

Mobil vs Shell Engine Oil – Which is Better?

Shell Engine oil

There is no doubt that both oils are considered to be of high-quality which means that you’ll have to choose base on the situation.

With that said, Shell is normally used in high-performance engines since it helps to main superb efficiency due to its cleaning agents. With this motor oil your engine performance will be top notch meaning that you’ll experience the best performance possible.

However, it’s safe to say that Mobil oils plays a very important role in ensuring that your engine’s performance is next level. The thing is that they are compatible with different types of machines. This is what makes them stand out among other oil brands on the market.

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Shell Helix Ultra vs Mobil Super 3000

One thing for sure we all would like to have the perfect oil for our vehicles to ensure that it runs smoothly at all times. This is why both brands take the time out to produce oils that meets our demands.

Shell Helix Ultra is a high-end motor oil on the market that has been developed using the unique Shell PurePlus technology. It does a wonderful job at producing motor oils that help keep the engine clean at all times. Active cleansing technology has always been an essential part of Shell Helix. Not only that, but its PurePlus technology also provide a next level protection which will extend the lifespan of the engine.

Mobil Super 3000 is quite unique and is considered to work well in terms of offering protection. You will certainly experience high-performance, as well as an increase in engine life. This oil can be used for light commercial cars, diesel and gasoline passenger cars and vans.


It can be challenging when it comes to choosing the right oil for your car’s. The reason for this is because there are a wide variety of different manufacturers on the market to choose from.

When making a decision, you should consider the oils features, properties and price. Before, using any of these oils, it is always best to check the owner’s manual of your engine. However, both the Shell engine oil and Mobil engine oil are worth the investments.