Motor Oil Shortage: Everything You Need to Know!

There are many car owners across the world who have been complaining about motor oil shortages and it is something that has been affecting many people since 2021, they tend to have a hard time finding motor oils for their vehicles.

If it’s a case where you have an older car you may be in trouble since newer cars don’t actually need engine oil at a service intervals. It’s best to keep in mind that if you experience engine oil shortages on a regular basis, you need to find out exactly where the oil went since it can result in engine failure.

In this article, we are going to explain what we know about engine oil shortage and how the issue can be resolved.

What Causes Car Engine Oil Shortage?

There is no doubt that engine oil will become a shortage in 2023 and there are several reasons behind this such as Covid-19 and Russia Ukraine war, these are known to be the main culprit which causes engine oil shortage across the globe.

The reason behind Covid-19 causing engine oil shortage is that Middle East countries not taking the time to produce engine oil due to Covid-19 and this is why many people are experiencing motor oil shortages across the world.

Another thing that is causing the shortage of engine oil is the Russia-Ukraine war. Let’s start by saying that in Europe the price has almost tripled and this is very bad for the market. The reason for this is that Russia has stopped the supply of oil going to Europe and America, this is why engine oil and other oil types are scarce on the market.

Motor Oil Additive Shortage

Motor Oil Shortage

The automotive industry have been affected by global supply chain issues. Although there are various estimates, it is said that the global vehicle industry has lost more than 11 million units of production which took place in 2021. Even the dollar amount is mind-blowing and is considered to be roughly $200 billion.

While on social media you’ll find that a lot of car owners are constantly complaining about the shortage in motor oil, but if you look at the reports in the US, there is none in regards to shortage nationwide might seem a bit odd. When you look at online stores such as Amazon and Walmarts, there doesn’t seem to be any motor oil shortage since they are available online.

However, you will definitely find that some product-grade motor oils aren’t available for delivery. So, this cannot rule as a motor oil shortage, we think the issue is with the supply chain.

There have also been some reports of base oils shortage and additives. Due to an shortage of truck drivers in the US, is affecting the supply chain.

Diesel Engine Oil Shortage

When it comes to the diesel oil shortage, the US is facing a serious crisis and if nothing changes over time, the prices will eventually become higher which will then affect millions of people. Base on the studies done by the US Energy Information Administration, the US has about 25 days of diesel supplies remaining in the reserve. We haven’t seen this level since back in 2008.

There is no doubt that diesel oil is a powerhouse on the market and the reason for this is because it uses in trains and semis as well as for hearing homes. Having limited supplies can be bad on your pocket.

There are several factor that causes the shortage to occur such as the US banning Russian imports.

It is also said that diesel engine oil additive chemical manufacturers have declared force majeure. And even stopped the supply operations to diesel oil manufacturers. There have reports of these manufacturers mixing base oils with an additive package in order to create diesel engine oils.

Antioxidants, dispersing additives, anti-corrosion agents, anti-rust mechanisms, anti-foaming agents, SO additives. One thing for sure is that without these additives, there is no way that diesel engine oil manufacturers can create the final oil product.

Base Oil Shortage

Engine oil

When it comes to base oil the US market is said to face increased tightness, higher prices, and even logistic challenges which are caused by supply chain disruption. The war with Russia and Ukraine is the reason for the base oil shortage.

It’s best to keep in mind that engine oil is known to have 10-30% additive and 70-90% base oil. The thing is that demand for engine oil will definitely help to accelerate the base oil industry.

If you were to use high-quality engine oil it should be able to help diesel vehicles and light-duty trucks to withstand rough and rigged conditions. Let’s not forget that most engine oils are made from base oils.

Base on studies, there will be an increase in demand for base oil. We think that the base oil market will grow rapidly due to electric vehicles becoming intensely popular.

FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Why is there an oil shortage in 2022?

There were several reasons for this due to economic and labor shortages and the Russia-Ukraine war making the situation a lot worse.

Q. Is the diesel engine oil supply running out?

Based on studies done by the Energy Information Administration, it is very well said that the diesel oil supply is not running out. There is no doubt that diesel engine oil will be around for years to come.

Q. Is there going to be a motor oil shortage in 2023?

The fact that our economies are constantly recovering and the oil demand is increasing by a lot, shortages are likely everywhere. The thing is that most industry is affected, and taking care of each orders can be challenging.


One thing for sure is that most countries will have engine oil shortages in 2023. The main culprits behind this issue is the Russian war with Ukraine and Covid-19 which contributes to motor oil prices skyrocketing and also the shortage of oils.

There you go, we have explain all you need to know. We truly hope you find this article helpful!