Should I Switch Motor Oil in the Summer? Get The Facts

Having the right oil for your car is very important as it help with your car’s health and your car needs to stand firm, especially during the summer months when you’re traveling back and forth. In order to ensure that your car run smooth during the peak season, some people actually think that it would be a good idea to change the car oil. But, is it necessary to do so?

Should I Switch Motor Oil in the Summer?

Yes, we think that it is important to do so in order to allow your car to run as smooth as possible especially if you are planning on traveling. The reason for this is because heat actually causes the oil to become thin so during the summer months, you’ll probably need a thicker option.

Back in the days, oil had only one viscosity or thickness, which is known to be a single grade motor oil. Upon using a single grade motor oil, a lightweight oil was needed for the winter as it allows it to flow properly and not thicken up. The thing is that a thicker oil in the winter would result in pump being clogged and have a hard time to lubricate them properly.

As you can see, the best motor oil for hot weather would be to use a thicker grade oil to combat the thinning effects of the heat. During the summer months there is no doubt that you’ll want to have a motor oil that will maintain the right amount of thickness.

Which Oils Are Best For High Temperatures?

Should I Switch Motor Oil in the Summer

These days you’ll certainly find most oils to be multigrade or multi viscosity which means that these oils provides the lubrication and protection that you are looking for when it comes to a range of temperatures.

The thing is that multi viscosity motor oil is said to have a unique additives that allows it to shrink as oil cools down and expand as it heats up just to ensure that it thins out in the cold and thickens in the heat. The good news is that these oil does a wonderful job at adapting so you don’t have to worry about changing out your oil with the change of season.

If you should compare 10×40 vs 5×30 in summer, we actually think that 10×40 would be the better option because it is known to be a thicker grade. But, if it’s a case where you use multigrade motor oil instead of single grade, you don’t necessarily have to worry about choosing different oils.

However, we always recommend that you check your vehicles owners manual since they designed and tested to work with a particular type of oil. It’s best to keep in mind that it’s not entirely essential for you to change oil grades for summer time if you are using a multi viscosity oil, but we think it is still a good idea to have regular oil change.

Let’s not forget that, having clean, fresh oil in your car will definitely enhance its performance by helping the engine to stay healthy and the parts properly lubricated.


We think that the best motor oil to use during the summer months is the one that your vehicle manufacturer recommends. The same goes for the winter period as well. Make sure to always follow the viscosity grade recommend in your owner’s manual. You don’t necessarily have to choose different oil grades for hot or cold weather, but you do need to invest in having regular motor oil change.