STP Motor Oil Review – Read Before Buying!

It is safe to say that STP is an automotive brand that manufactures a range of products, such as motor oils and filters. These products can be found both online and in retail outlets.

However, it is best to keep in mind that, STP’s motor oil works to minimize friction by creating a thick cushion between moving engine parts. This shields against wear and can extend the life of your vehicle’s engine.

The biggest downside that comes with STP motor oil is the fact that they are known to be more expensive compared to other oil brands on the market.

STP Motor Oil Review

1. STP Motor Oil 5W-20 Review

STP Motor Oil Review
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STP Motor Oil 5W-20 is an ideal choice for car owners looking to boost their fuel economy. It is considered to be Formulated with STP’s advanced technology, this oil provides superior performance, protection, and cleanliness.

This engine oil is suitable for both gasoline and diesel engines. It helps prevent sludge formation, reduces deposits, and keeps your engine running as smoothly as possible.

This product provides superior cold-start performance and faster oil circulation than standard motor oils, meeting ILSAC GF-6 standards for low-speed pre-ignition (LSPI) protection. Apart from that, it is designed to keep engines clean for up to 20,000 miles.

This formulation features a high viscosity formulation with an anti-wear agent to reduce oil consumption and shield against metal-to-metal friction. Not only that but it is said to be compatible with all grades of gasoline – making it the ideal choice for any vehicle.

We also love the fact that the STP motor oil features a wide and easy-pour spout that helps prevent spillage. Additionally, it helps prevent oxidation from taking place – which is essential for engine cleanliness.

It is also best to keep in mind that the STP oil change intervals can be extended, saving drivers money in the long run. Diesel engine owners will find STP an especially suitable choice since it is capable of withstanding higher temperatures experienced with diesel engines.


  • It is known to be compatible with a wide range of engines
  • This oil is designed for extended drain intervals which will save you time and money in the long run


  • If it’s a case where you have an old vehicle, I don’t recommend using this oil
  • It’s not as thick as other oils
  • Not the best oil for extremely cold weather

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2. STP 10W-30 Pro Formula Motor Oil Review

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STP 10W-30 Pro Formula Motor Oil is widely known to be one of the world’s most renowned synthetic engine oil brands, manufactured by Energizer Holdings (formerly Armored Auto Group and Spectrum Brands).

STP engine oil is said to be compatible with all grades of gasoline and controls sludge formation while cleaning essential engine components. It has also been approved by ILSAC GF-5 and API SN, making it an excellent option for anyone searching for high-quality oil.

This STP oil is ideal for four-cycle engines and other small power equipment. It contains additives that prevent oil breakdown, clean engines, and cool metal parts for improved performance.

This premium synthetic blend is suitable for any outdoor power equipment, including generators, riding mowers, pressure washers, gas-powered pumps, compacters, and chipper shredders. Not only does it extend drain intervals but it reduces oil thickening and oxidation too – providing easier starts all year round!

Oil can be purchased in either a 5-quart jug or 12 1-quart bottles. The latter is easier to pour due to its wider spout design for easier filling.

The thing is that this motor oil comes in various viscosities, such as 10W-30, 20W-50, and SAE 30, plus an economy 4-pack option. Its synthetic blend formula contains detergent, dispersant, wear control, antioxidant, corrosion inhibitor, and foam suppressant additives to provide long-lasting performance.


  • It plays a role in keeping your engine clean and running smoothly
  • It has better cold-start and faster oil circulation when compared to conventional motor oils


  • This motor oil doesn’t work well with gasoline, leading to engine problems

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3. STP High Mileage Oil Treatment Review

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This high-mileage motor oil is designed for cars and light trucks that have more than 75,000 miles on their odometers. It addresses specific issues associated with older engines, such as degraded seals and leaking oil.

This high-end oil works by rejuvenating these seals, cutting back on oil consumption, and preventing leaks from forming. Apart from that, it contains various additives and detergents which reduce sludge accumulation as well as friction.

We think it is best to use it with every oil change for optimal engine protection. Its high viscosity formula, combined with anti-wear agent ZDDP, creates a thicker cushion between moving engine parts to reduce metal-to-metal friction.

This is especially beneficial for older engines with a lot of miles on them, as they are more prone to developing issues that non-traditional oils won’t address. Furthermore, it helps minimize smoke and emissions.

STP oil treatment can be added to your regular motor oil at a ratio of one can to 3 liters or one bottle to 4 or 5 liters. It’s safe and effective for use on any vehicle and should only be mixed into the engine oil while warm.


  • It plays a role in protecting against leaks
  • Helps to improve the performance of the engine


  • It will not solve your oil leak problem permanently

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Types of Motor Oil

The thing is that there are several different types of motor oil available on the market and down below we have listed them:

Full Synthetic Oil

Full synthetic motor oil is created using man-made base oils that eliminate all natural impurities found in conventional oil, creating a higher-quality product. They have higher viscosity ratings too, meaning that they can withstand higher temperatures and provide increased protection for your engine.

Semi-synthetic Blends

Semi-synthetic motor oil is known to be less refined compared to full synthetic and is often used as a more cost-effective option. However, it still contains manmade base oil, but the additives used aren’t of the same high quality as in full-synthetic oils.

High-Mileage Engine Oil

A high-mileage engine oil is a synthetic or hybrid motor oil with lower viscosity than conventional or synthetic blend oils, allowing your engine to run longer between oil changes. Apart from that, it helps to reduce friction and wear on your engine making starting easier in cold weather or for older engines easier too.


STP is without a doubt a great motor oil brand to work with once you don’t mind spending since it comes at a higher price point compared to other high-quality motor oil brands. We appreciate the fact that it protects the engine in the best way possible and keeps it running smoothly. All you need to do at this point is just try the product and see if it works well for you.