Why is Zinc in Motor Oil? Everything You Need to Know!

It might be a case where you have heard about zinc and motor oil and how lack of zinc can cause harm to the camshaft. There’s no doubt that the facts about zinc and its purpose in motor oil can be a complicated one.

Why is Zinc in Motor Oil?

The fact that car engines have changed over the years as well as the oil we use to keep them lubricated and protected. The major difference in engine oil these days compared to back then is the fact that they contain much lower levels of zinc and phosphorus.

It’s safe to say that modern oil can be used to maintain and service most built automobiles since the 1980s. But the thing is that you won’t necessarily get the protection that you’d like for classic cars, hot rods and other engines put under heavy stress.

So, do you need zinc in your car’s Oil? Well, It has a lot to do with how old your engine is and how you use it. The good news is that zinc oil additives does a wonderful job when it comes to protection for most engine types.

Why Put Zinc in Oil For Old Engine?

Why is Zinc in Motor Oil

The thing is that Zinc or ZDDP does a superb job in terms of creating a protective coating on metal surfaces in the engine providing it with the opportunity to withstand stress put on the camshaft and other components. Most oil these days only provide enough protection for most cars used in normal operating conditions.

If you have a older classic automobile, high performance engines, and most non-roller cam designed models, tend to need a more robust line of defense and that’s where zinc comes into play.

The reason why we appreciate high zinc oil or zinc oil additives, is the fact that it delivers the best protection so that you can get the best performance and longetivity that you’d want to get from your engine.

We love the fact that it protects and eliminate all wear issues with the cam, lifters and rocker arms. Upon using zinc in your older engines, it helps it to start much smoother in cold temperatures, and is great in terms of fuel efficiency.

Disadvantage to Having Zinc in Motor Oil

The biggest downside is that a small amount of motor oil may find itself i the combustion chamber of the engine. At this point, the oil will eventually turn into ash, which is then sent down the exhaust pipe. After this, it will then settled into the catalytic converter, which will eventually cause it to be less effective as time goes by.

This is definitely not good news for manufacturer who have made it their point of duty for their engines to last for years to come. This is why motor oil developers have been asked to reduce the amount of zinc they add to their formulas.

Choosing the Right Zinc Additives

Even though zinc oil has many benefits, there are some cons to it as well. However, instead of asking which motor oil has the most zinc, the smarter way would be to choose a zinc oil additives that offer everything ZDDP does, but doesn’t contain zinc or phosphorus. The good news is that there are lots of formula you can find on that market that’s considered to be effective and affordable at the same time.